Banger Films Crew Shooting Iron Maiden in Argentina and Chile

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A healthy crew of Bangers are setting up to film Iron Maiden in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Santiago, Chile.

There has been a little bit of chatter around the net but we can confirm that we will be shooting the band for a live concert dvd to be compiled using footage from both shows.

We know that the fans in South America are passionate and this compilation is sure to capture their fervor and delight in front of Maiden’s Final Frontier Tour. Recalling some of the footage from the Flight 666 film, there was definite interest in returning for something a little more in depth.

Check out some words stolen from a recent BlabberMouth blog post oh and MetalHammer ran something too:)

In a recent interview with Chile’s Futuro 88.9 FM, IRON MAIDEN bassist Steve Harris stated about the DVD upcoming shoot, “We will record two shows. We will use footage from both concerts for the DVD.

“We have amazing supporters in Chile and Argentina and we want to show more of the audiences from those parts of the world. We already filmed some footage there for the ‘Flight 666′ movie, but only one song per country was used. We will now have a chance to show much more of the crowds in Chile and Argentina.

“Wherever we go, we are always asked what the best audiences in the world are, and we always say that it is South America — Chile, Argentina and Sao Paulo, Brazil. Now we can show it.”

When asked if the setlist for the Buenos Aires and Santiago concerts will be the same as the one the band has been playing on the current “Final Frontier World Tour”, Harris said, “The setlist that we are playing is basically the same we have been playing on this tour, what you have been able to see on Internet. The sets that we will do in Chile and Argentina will be the same, but for these two special shows that will be recorded, we have prepared more songs and a bigger production. So what you will see in Chile will be a long and big show.”

Regarding how many cameras will be used to capture the performances, Harris said, “I think it will be about 10 or 12. I had always been involved in the production and direction of the concert DVDs in the past, but we are now working with a very good company, the guys who made the documentary ‘Flight 666′. They are the ones who are responsible for recording these shows, so for me at least it is a great relief.”

Steve Harris with the Banger Films Crew. Nice to see the folks behind the cameras.

  • Karl

    Now wait a minute… I was in the last Iron Maiden concert in Recife-Brazil and I heared loud and clear Bruce saying they were having that concert recorded to use it in a future DVD. Don’t tell me that I lost my voice screaming of joyment and happiness for nothing! LOL
    Can’t wait for this upcoming DVD as you guys, from Banger Films, rocks as much as the bands you record.
    …and maybe, hopefully, there will be pieces of the shot in Recife as bonus! =D ,,/
    (you guys aimed the spotlight on me and my friends twice while shooting in the helicopter so I hope you used a heck of a good zoom on the cameras! :P )

  • bibek

    hey i m a fan of metal from NEPAL…. in the global metal documentary … i cant believe you guys went to india then flew to china.. but missed US… we are the country inbetween these two if you didn’t happen to know….
    so next time you doin something like that please do come to NEPAL…. we have such a metal fans uprising that you will surely be surprised…..

    • Admin

      Bibek, we would love to hear from you. How about submitting some writing about what life is like for Nepalese Metalheads…

  • bibek

    mail me if you decide or not decide to come coz wud really like to meet you all….
    my mailing add is given alreaddy so there’s no prob i guess

  • Felipe

    hey guys i was in santiago chile last sunday and it was awesome i can´t wait to see the dvd. cheers and keep with the good job.

  • Lorelei

    I saw Bruce Dickinson being interviewed in Argentina where he said that they hoped the footage on the dvd would be mainly from the Buenos Aires show and if anything went wrong in that show they would be using footage from Chile, and that if you wanna be in the movie you should go to the show. Once in Chile, Harris says the footage on the DVD will be from both shows and praises south american audiences. I love Maiden but it’s kind of dissapointing to see that to get people to go to the concert they’ll say stuff like that, as if telling the fans what they wanna hear. I think Maiden is beyond any kind of marketing trick so I hope they stay true.

  • Jess

    Iron Maiden rocks! I got tickets to see them on 4/16 in Ft Laud, FL! This place has awesome tickets for sale…check them out!

  • Karl

    @Lorelei I completely agree with you! But appearing or not in a DVD, a Maiden show is always a must see, specially here in South America! =D

    @Admin @Bibek heeeyy… Awesome! Maybe a Global Metal 2!? =D
    Don’t forget that Brazil is a country of continental measures and the metal scene in the northeast is much more different than the one in southeast (where São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are located)!

  • Martín

    Up the irons!!!! I travelled from Montevideo, Uruguay to the Iron Maiden concert in buenos aires on april 8th.
    I was on the fence with a flag of uruguay and a man with a camera came up and film me ja jaaaaaa!!!!
    I will go f***ing crazy if i appear in the Iron Maiden dvd!!!!

  • Maithili

    I don’t know who the admin is,but man,Sam Dunn[if you're reading this] I envy you so much[every die hard Maiden fan out there probably does].
    Anyway, your movies are excellent,but I beg of your mercy,if you come to India again, please skip the torturous[it is for us Indian metalheads] Bollywood.

    Yours Gratefully,
    A Bollywood tortured Indian

    • Admin

      Thank you for your hilarious comment.

  • karmaMetalgirl

    I could not go to the concert …¬¬ hehe, well..up the irons!!! and sam dunn!!!=D ,,,
    Greetings from Argentina!