Extreme Metal Campaign Update from Sam

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Hey Everybody!

I wanted to give an update on the Extreme Metal campaign. It’s going really well so far – we’ve raised over $16,000 and I want to thank everyone who’s contributed so far. Not sure if you heard, but we received a private and anonymous donation of $40,000 so we lowered the goal amount to $135,000 to reflect this. We’ve had 305 contributions to date, the biggest being two at the $1,500 mark and four at $666. The most popular opt in level so far has been the $5 mark for a pre-order of the episode to be delivered by digital download when it’s done. Just think: If everyone that contributed told 10 friends about this $5 pre-order that would help us to get closer to making the biggest-ever documentary episode on Extreme Metal!

But we still have a long way to go. So we’ve introduced some new perks to keep the funds rolling in. For $15 you can get all of the Metal Evolution episode transcripts; we thought this would give a different perspective on these episodes for all of you who are interested in film and TV. We know that there’s a lot of metalhead film buffs out there!

The new perk we’re most excited about is that for the FIRST TIME EVER we have created the much-anticipated “Heavy Metal Family Tree” poster. People have been asking for this ever since we released Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey way back 2005 and so here it is! The poster is full gloss, 46”x28” with silver ink and will be signed and hand-numbered by Scot and I. We’re really excited that this poster is finally seeing the light of day and hope that some of you will contribute to the campaign so you can have your very own copy. There are only 666 posters available so grab one before they disappear!

Anyway, that’s the update for now. We’ve only got two months left in the campaign and we’re still a long way from meeting our goal, so please dig deep and help us out in the name of Extreme Metal!



  • Noelle Canez

    I didn’t know about this till now!!! Can I still buy this poster?? PLEASE!???

  • MTLMontreal

    Seriously! Just found out about this. Is there any way to get a copy? You want to generate money so this would a sure-shot way to do it! :)

    • Sam

      Hey! feel free to check out our IndieGoGo campaign at http://igg.me/at/LostEpisode we have awesome perks and will be announcing new ones soon. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! \m/