Metal Evolution gets 3 Episode Extension

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Fantastic news from Banger Films HQ in Toronto. The much anticipated documentary mini series Metal Evolution has been extended by 3 episodes after some very positive early reception. This brings the total series to 11 episodes which I’m sure will stretch into more as they begin to screen later next year. Along the current batch of genres getting a closer look will be episodes covering Early Metal US (Come on DEATH/MASSACRE!!), Early Metal UK and Progressive Metal.

Vh1 Classic picked up the documentary series following the success of the Iron Maiden and Rush documentary’s which established Banger Films as the goto group for high quality, engaging and uniquely positioned Heavy Metal film making.

There is very little press making it’s way to our pages but this should change as we flip to the new year and we start hearing more of the post production efforts of the editing team. Sam, Scot, Martin and the entire travelling film crew have been scouring the globe capturing new footage for the series. It is like pulling teeth trying to extract any juicy details from the crew so hold your breath, this will be epic!!  :)

As we know Metal Evolution is a Banger Films mini series which focus’s on the Heavy Metal Family tree which was featured in the documentary Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey and was also included in the Soundtrack Linear notes. Each episode will feature new footage and interviews based on one of these Genre’s. Along with styles such as Early Metal, Glam Metal, Shock Rock, Power Metal and Thrash Metal, three new episodes have been just announced (here) which will cover Early Metal UK, Early Metal US and Progressive Metal.

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  • thirteenburn


    Sam Dunn/Global Banger Films produce, what I feel, are the BEST documentaries on the genre of heavy metal specifically and rock & roll in general and this upcoming series will be NO exception.

    As a matter of fact, I found this site after watching ‘Global Metal’ this morning. I was so totally engrossed, the hour-plus time went by quicker than I wanted. To be honest, I could have watched at least another two hours. Which is why I’m so stoked on the upcoming series and I equally can’t wait for the DVD to come out as it will quickly become part of my growing collection of Sam Dunn doc’s.

    Kudos Sam! Well done and keep up the excellent work you do for the music we all love…METAL!!!

    Up the irons!!!


  • Tootie

    Fantastic. Saw A Headbanger’s Journey on Sunday morning (don’t know what channel, satellite TV).
    Congratulations. Where will this appear and when??

  • Tootie

    Sorry, I did see VH1, but I don’t get that channel. Anywhere else it will air? Of course, there will be the DVD’s to buy also.
    Congrats again!!!

  • Admin

    There is no official screening date yet, however definitely next year sometime between January and December. :)

    No word yet on Post VH1 syndication. I will look into that.


  • http:// datote

    “From fan stories to appearances to new movies and release information.”
    Can more?

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  • admin

    Oh btw. The series will be aired by Much More Music in Canada, so have no fear hosers. We will all be included.


    No doom metal, speed metal, and folk metal still?


    • Aldoray80

      Dude they’re only up to like 1976  Speed Doom and Folk have like anothe decade before they start

  • Erik

    Loved the show.  What song is being played at the closing credits?

    • Aldoray80

      The closing credits song was The Trooper by Iron Maiden

  • Karina Perez Del Sol

    Really dug parts 1 & 2, but as MuchMore Music is airing it on Friday nights missed episodes 3 and (I think) 4 which I believe aired back to back on MM last Friday. Any chance the full episodes will be available for viewing online? Or perhaps be sold as a dvd set, or digital download? I’m a little bummed, cause I enjoyed the first 2 episodes that ran back to back and then got left with a Van Halen teaser and missed the next episode (or two)!! Do you see the shirt I’m wearing in this avi? Can’t be missing VH history! Let me know if they’re available somewhere for those of us who need to catch up. Great job guys, and perhaps girl working on this production. :)

  • Karina Perez Del Sol

    Woot!  Just checked your guys Twitter stream, I’ve only missed episode 3.  Whew!