Metal Evolution Launches on 11/11/11 on VH1 Classic

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VH1 broke the news on the much anticipated Metal Evolution TV series earlier this month. The series will launch onto the small screen on November 11, 2011 at 10pm ET/PT following 11 Days of Metal related videos on VH1 Classic leading up to the premiere of Metal Evolution.

Here is a sample of the press release:

VH1 Classic proclaims 11-11-11 as “National Metal Day,” a day-long celebration of all things metal. The metal bonanza begins November 1, 2011 with metal-focused concerts, specials, movies and videos each night leading up to grand finale on 11-11-11. On “National Metal Day” catch the highly anticipated premiere of Banger Films’ groundbreaking documentary series, “Metal Evolution” at 10 PM ET/PT.

“Metal Evolution” is an 11-episode docu-series produced by Scot McFadyen and Sam Dunn of Banger Films and is based on the groundbreaking “Heavy Metal Family Tree.” The “Heavy Metal Family Tree” is a 26 sub-genre genealogical chart which reveals the vast complex progeny of heavy metal – from Early Metal and Shock Rock to Thrash, from Progressive Metal to Grunge and Nu Metal. Using the chart as his road map, host/producer and metalhead turned anthropologist Dunn, crisscrosses the globe exploring the vast history of heavy metal across its 40+ year history and beyond. From bars and back alleys to the biggest open air festivals, Dunn will visit the pioneers of British and American hard rock who laid metal’s sonic foundation, as well as the current leaders of contemporary metal. Whether you love metal, documentaries or just great stories, “Metal Evolution” will be the ultimate examination into the history of Heavy Metal music.

See the Official Press Release HERE

Oh and check out our Killer Metal Evolution launch date logo !!

Metal Evolution 11/11/11

  • fatrat bradshaw

    sounds great man….cant wait…im waiting to headbang

  • Venusinfurs

    Just saw the advertisment. Looks great except for the flashes I saw of Poison. Poison was not a Metal band. They are ridiculous. Un-skinny bop? Does Bret own vh1 or something? How does that washed up make-up wearing hack manage to get profiled? It is stuff like this that can turn this series into a joke.

  • Anonymous

    Venus, thanks for the comment!
    I share a similar sentiment to some of that Glam ‘metal’ (although I dig a few Ratt tunes). However there’s no denying the impact of this style of music

  • Anonymous

    Venusinfurs, thanks for the comment! I feel you on the glam thing. As a Slayer/Morbid Angel fanatic through my teen years (still am) I utterly despised Poison and everything they stood for. However, the Glam movement solidified itself through the late 80′s and gathered a massive following. I think that if you check out the episode the team will be asking exactly that in a light hearted way; “How the hell did this style take off??”. This episode will strike a chord with many metal heads and we look forward to hearing everyone’s opinion. Remember that hilarious quote from Headbangers Journey about “the chicks in Poison”? :)

  • Eljeran

    I get it. I dont like it, but I get it. I go insane when those ridiculous pretty boy hair-bands get the same press as my beloved Iron Maiden and Judas Priest (who were actual MUSICIANS). Because Posion was pretty, they sold millions of records and they keep reminding us of that fact whenever they get a chance. I still go into seizures when I think of Madonna being inducted into the R-n-R Hall of Fame and Britney being on the cover of Rolling Stone. I believe beauty killed the music industry. If MTV didnt think they were pretty, we dont get to listen to them. Looking forward to the series.

  • JF

    Headbanger’s Journey and Flight 666 were such great films; I can’t wait for this series. Can’t wait, can’t wait, just can’t wait!

  • Jonathan Tito

    I can’t wait!!!!! congratulations and thanks a lot !!! :) TT

  • Luit

    poopy dirt

    • JF

      that’s funny – sounds like a post from a 3 year-old Slayer fan –  ha

  • Lizzie White Loper

    rock on!!! <3  <3  <3
    set your recorders people of the earth ;)

  • JF


  • Lou Loureiro

    When are the DVD’s being released?!