Rush Time Machine Trailer – Live in Cleveland

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Hey folks.

Sorry about the radio silence recently. HQ has been ‘hellbent for leather’ pounding through some intense footage spanning Maiden, Motorhead, Rush and then on top of that completing the Episodes for Metal Evolution!! I’ll try to summarize what’s going on (I may have to waterboard some unsuspecting Banger Films producer in order to gather the intel). :)

For the moment please feast on a small sample of the Rush Time Machine Tour live production that will be released on November 8.


Now check if it’s showing in your town!! Let us know!

Keep Raging!

  • Garyc101

    I loved almost everything about the film. The music was excellent (hello, it’s Rush, what did you expect>) the thing was beautifully filmed. Nice to be able to see the band member’s expressions—my date remarked that she liked it a lot better than attending live. Dunno about that, but… what I hated were the little skits, which the band always seem to enjoy but which I always wish would just end so the music can start. Imho, the skits cheapen the overall impression of the film, and particularly screw up the opening of Tom Sawyer, after the intermission break.

  • Kilhenyhill

    Thought it looked and sounded great. I was in it alot which I found funny. Gave a different perspective from being there which I liked. Great job!

  • Doug

    Looked and sounded great as usual for RUSH. Was happy the theater actually cranked it up pretty loud too. Two biggest critiques for me would have to be a bit too much of the long distance audience shots from way back up top of arena. I mean one or two would be fine for a perspective point, but it seemed like three times per song of that one shot where you can’t make out anything and some of the camera work (herky jerky mtv five shots per second) seemed over done. Biggest fail on all the Rush dvd releases is no closed caption option. When turning new people on to Rush, the vocals(lyrics) can be challenging to first listeners, but with cc, most I feel would get it right away. 

  • Doug

    Forgot to mention, thought it was great and loved it on the big screen. Wish more people would have come out though. Theater was practically empty and it was the closest trhing to seeing them live if they didn’t come by your way on tour.

  • MARY

    Absolutely loved it!  Looked and sounded great!  Read the other comment below, and the’s crazy.  The film shorts before, at intermission and after are just a part of what makes a RUSH concert stand out against everyone else.  We saw it on VH1, so haven’t seen the whole thing yet, but will be seeing in the local theatre tomorrow.  Vh1 was disappointing in the fact it wasn’t shown in HD as Snakes & Arrows was.  Only critique would be the camera cutting away from Neil in the song Caravan towards the end of his decending / ascending run (about 4 mins into the song).  That is such an awesome part of the song, and having attended 12 shows on that tour we noticed most fans at the concert didn’t even recognize what Neil had just done.  But overall, an excellent performance by the guys and excellent production by Banger!

  • Dukesrocks

    The best live dvd I own and I own every concert of Rush plus about 40 other great bands, great job Scott and Sam.  The energy of the band and the audience comes through the screen in spades.  My favourate moment is the guitar solo by Big Al.  Game me chills

  • DukesRocks

    I ment the solo from Working Man