Watch Episodes of Metal Evolution Online!

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So we’ve been getting tonnes of requests for places to watch Metal Evolution online…so here you go!

In USA, go to iTunes or the VH1 Classic Metal Evolution Site.

In Canada, go to Much More.

Episode Airdates:

Episode  101 - Pre Metal - 11/11 (US) // 11/25 (CAN)

Episode  102 - Early Metal US – 11/19  (US) // 11/25 (CAN)

Episode  103 - Early Metal UK – 12/3 (US) // 12/2 (CAN)

Episode  104 – NWOBHM – 12/10 (US) // 12/9 (CAN)

Episode  105 – Glam – 12/17 (US) // 12/16 (CAN)

Episode  106 – Thrash – 12/31 (US) // 12/23 (CAN)

Episode  107 – Grunge – 1/7 (US) // 12/30 (CAN)

Episode  108 – Nu Metal – 1/14 (US) // 1/6 (CAN)

Episode  109 - Shock Rock – 1/21 (US) // 1/13 (CAN)

Episode  110 - Power Metal – 1/28 (US) // 1/20 (CAN)

Episode  111 – Progressive Metal – 2/4 (US) // 1/27 (CAN)

  • carcass

    what about death metal and black metal wtf the two best genres

    • Lana

      We would have liked to see those episodes too, maybe if there’s a second season.

  • Diego Col

    USA and Canada…. what about Latin America?

    • Lana

      We’re working on broadcasting in Latin America and will update as soon as something is announced.

  • cadjamlach

    Can you work on a link for Australia?

  • Knightprophet857

    I really wanna see these documentary episodes, but I dont know why they dont work for southamerica….

  • Kevin Doonan

    will this documentary eventually be available for sale on DVD

  • Helgard Muller

    how about a link for South Africa…

  • Lucyfer

    I am from Singapore. Is there anywhere i can watch this? Rock on!

  • Graham King

    Would be good to get a link that work for the UK too

  • Etiennet9

    Much more does not have episode 11

  • beatriz felix

    A link for Brazil would be great, too. By the way, is it so difficult to make the episodes available worldwide?

  • Steve

    Australia needs this!!!!

  • Steve

    Metal Evolution is being broadcast at the moment on ABCTV, which is cool. I’m trying to obtain real and authentic copy of my own, not a weekend markets type fake. I can’t locate through our major retailers yet, maybe just haven’t looked hard enough. What I’ve seen so far is really cool EXCEPT back in “84 when I went from I.Maiden, and Priest, Motorhead ect I really got into Venom!!! Why haven’t I seen Black Metal as opposed to Thrash on your show? It was I reckon the next step in heavy ness  between british metal and then screaming thrash. What does anyone think?

  • Aussiemetalhead

    what about us aussies?

  • Henry

    and Europe

  • 5uck1t

    In Europe, please go f*** yourself. Why did I even come here.

  • chheyopmetal

    here in Philippines.. there are millions of metal fans..  we need this … much respect to you sam dunn.. i’ve seen the headbangers journey and global metal…  ^_^